Paul has worked as a Sports Physician in the southern suburbs of Sydney since 1998. Sports Physicians manage injuries to the musculoskeletal system, but are also involved in the management of medical conditions in sport and exercise and also exercise prescription for health and fitness

Paul services include the management of both acute and overuse musculoskeletal conditions. These include:

Simple fractures (not requiring surgery)
Joint sprains and dislocations
Ligament ruptures
Muscle tears
Tendonopathy and tendon injuries
All regional musculoskeletal pathology (Eg. Shoulder/knee)
Work-related acute and overuse injuries
Medical problems relevant to athletes (fatigue, concussion, exercise induced asthma)
Exercise prescription
Rehabilitation programs

Paul also performs specific non-surgical procedures relevant to musculoskeletal medicine. These include:

Cortisone injections
Autologous blood and PRPP injections
Compartment pressure testing

If you have a sporting injury and want to be advised on the best treatment alternatives, please contact Paul to schedule an appointment.

9545-1933  Sutherland